A long time speaker and presenter, with significant experience in sales, customer service, activism and advocacy,  Laurette Lynn is also an author, blogger and experienced media broadcaster.  Covering a range of sociopolitical topics relevant to personal independence, Laurette's presentations, have reached and inspired thousands!  Through her training and classes, Laurette helps bolster and improve presentation and communication skills to those who want to reach, motivate, educate, inform and inspire their networks and community more effectively!

Current Work

Executive Coaching/ Personal ConsultingThrough personalized, one-on-one coaching and private consulting, Laurette helps clients in the policital arena as well as the private business sector, acehive greater success in their area of endeavor by helping them master the skills of public speaking, presentation and communication. 

Laurette has helped a diverse number of clients improve the quality of their work and reach their goals.  Many have provided excellent feedback which is available here.
Classes and Presentations
Laurette Lynn's unique classes and presentations help to equip and encourage others with the necessary tools, skills and confidence to further promulgate their own unique message to the world; with clarity, confidence and creativity.

With special attention in Critical Theory, Laurette offers workshops, clinics and seminars on communication skills and public speaking for children ages 10 and up as well as teens and adults.

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Speeches and Keynotes
Rational, critical and intellectually delivered speeches, infused with spiritual inspiration Laurette's unique style motivates! Emphasizing a unique and distinction from mainstream assumptions, Laurette's presentations are designed to elucidate an important perspective on personal independence. 

Related Work and Experience

Through her eclectic work, Laurette has consistently always emphatically supported and advocated for the continual pursuit of personal freedom through the acquisition of intellectual skill and self improvement through ongoing education. 

Broadcast Media
Laurette Lynn is the former host and founder of Unplugged Mom Radio© a popular web talk podcast show which ran successfully for three years, 2009-2012.  

Laurette Lynn appeared in a variety of alternative media outlets during her advocacy work and work on Unplugged Mom Radio.

Sociopolitical Activism
Laurette Lynn has actively participated in political action supporting grassroots efforts since 2008, speaking at conventions and events on related areas of interest. Through her activism, Laurette enthusiastically advocating for future freedom by supporting principles of liberty through education.

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