Lions, Guns, Caityn AND Rainbows

If we cared as much about aborted tissue, prayer in school, supporting the troops, gay marriage, gun control, etc... as we do about Cecil the lion, then...?   What?  Then what?  We'd be perfect?  We'd be focused on the "correct" issue? In the spirit of productive communication and personal growth, lets take a moment to define our terms. 

The latest furor en vogue exemplifies a common, and interesting social phenomenon wherein two opposing ideas are compared and contrasted against  one another in an attempt to declare a logical point.  The problem is that this erroneously erected paradigm is in and of itself illogical.  It is in fact, a logical fallacy known as  false dichotomy.  

A false dichotomy occurs when two seemingly contrasting ideas, opinions, rules, items or arguments are deliberately presented in stark opposition, while ignoring (either by intention or ignorance) other alternatives and information along the continuum between the two.   It is a commonly used manipulation tactic, but is often carelessly used in ignorance by anyone seeking to support their ideas, albeit on a weak and fallacious pillar.
We can care about this AND that.  Amazing! 
Observing this is anthropologically fascinating. Understanding it is abundantly useful to the betterment of interpersonal growth. By identifying quagmires that hinder communication, we navigate a more productive path toward positive development.

Look at the following memes and consider the false philosophical paradigms presented therein:


These words/images, and many others like them attempt to compel us to choose one idea over the other.  It presents an either or situation, which is a false reality.

Instead, consider these truths: 
We can be upset about the lion AND abortion.
We can care about the well-being of animals AND the lives of people.

We can support Caitlin Jenner AND the troops.
We can care about rainbow wedding cakes AND gun laws.
We can own our opinions AND we can pray.
You see, despite their presentation, the issues are mutually exclusive and do not exist in a dependent relationship to one another.   Try to acknowledge each issue independently and let us avoid being mislead by limited,  myopic options presented foolishly.  Critically slanted judgments are often the byproduct of intellectual  malaise and personal insecurities; and are completely unproductive.  Think first.

Observation and Consideration precede Verbalization.

What do you think?  Your comments are welcomed!

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