Executive Speaking Coach, Laurette Lynn
offers professional coaching and consulting services
specializing in public speaking and communications.

Services available for individual, one-on-one arrangements, group workshops and/or personalized in-house business seminars.

Laurette Lynn has 20+ years experience in public speaking,  including sales, activism, teaching and as a web-radio host.
Her diverse, professional speaking experience includes topics such as sales and customer service, parenting, education and political activism.

With years of experience, skill and talent, Laurette offers her expertise to those wishing to improve their public speaking, presentation and communication skills through group workshops as well as personalized, one-on-one coaching.

Laurette's eclectic experience enables unique, specially developed services that are beneficial to both novices and experienced communicators.  Based on age-old philosophical wisdom, Laurette's solid contemporary approach in communication and presentation skills enhancement, is rooted in the principles of critical thinking and artistic language usage.

Through her flexible and highly customizable coaching and teaching style, Laurette's guidance adjusts to the individual style and specific needs of each client and student. 

Personalized Coaching
For those whose professional or personal success relies upon great Public Speaking and Communication skills, Laurette offers personalized, individual, one-on-one coaching.
Personal coaching arrangements begin with a consultation to determine your specific needs and goals, then continue with a personalized agenda based on your objectives.  Attendance at your speaking events, practice sessions, evaluations and more are all part of personal coaching. 

Clients that have experienced personal coaching from Laurette Lynn have enjoyed remarkable improvement in their public speaking and communication skills which have notably bolstered the success of their endeavors.