How To Speak Teen: Relating to young humans as humans

Talking to teens is like talking to humans.  Because they ARE humans.  Teenagers are simply younger than adult humans and may have less life experience.  I say *may* because there are many variances in which a 15 year old human can have vastly more experience, and perhaps even education than someone 20 years their senior.
The point is that there is no special formula for relating to teenagers.  I work with teens regularly and I really enjoy it.  While it is true that, physiologically, teens are in an earlier stage of neurological development, there is no valid reason for an adult to address someone under 20 any differently than we would address a peer our own age.
Are you struggling with your teen?  Do you work with teens and want to improve the way you relate?   In the following video I offer my insights, and what has always worked for me, with my own children and those that I work with in my youth workshops.
The one golden rule I feel I must stress is that of non-violence, because violence is never an effective means of communication.

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