Competition is Good for Us!

Competition can be very healthy, when it's done right!   Whatever it is we do, finding a way to compete for a particular goal helps to increase our effectiveness, productivity and overall skill in our endeavors.

I'm honored and excited to have won the 3rd round in a Toastmasters International speaking competition and I'm thrilled to be moving onto the 4th and final round!   I love competing because it keeps me at the top of my game and provides a healthy and productive opportunity to exercise self discipline, deliberate focus.

When we become good at what we do, develop a skill set and then become known for that skill set - we begin enjoying the benefits of utilizing that skill set in our career or our community (hopefully both).  But if we don't keep ourselves sharp - comfort can set in and atrophy can begin creeping up on us.  It is imperative that we keep ourselves challenged so that we can continue to grow, improve and therefore constantly offer the world the very best version of our contribution.  
Here are ways in which  you too can keep yourself at the top of your game by competing!
Whatever it is you do, there's a opportunity to challenge yourself with competition.  Seek out competitive activities that meet the following criteria:

Choose something relevant to your chosen career/endeavor.
Even if it is is not as directly related as a speaking contest for a speaker - there are competitive activities that strengthen the particular muscle set that you use.  Seek these out in your community.  
Choose something that you consider yourself good at -but want to be great!
Don't go off the deep end in the wrong direction and choose something that has nothing to do with who you already are.   I'm not an athlete so I didn't enter a triathlon.  I chose something relevant to my goals, and that relates to a skill set I've already begun building.  

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