Creative Interruption

Sometimes life goes haywire and things seem to just keep spiraling out of control, and it's difficult to get by, and hard to focus, and harder to succeed.  When life gets this way, something has to stop the flow.  Something has to interrupt.

I am about to interrupt you, and it's a beautiful thing!
Through personal coaching,  I Creatively intervene by Interrupting negative patterns and helping you map your goals, focus, resolve conflict and build your path to success!   Because this is a new service, I'm offering a very special invitation for you to connect with me and let me interrupt your life and help empower you to achieve your success!  Keep reading...  or scroll down to the end to skip the story and see the special offerOf course, the story is really cool so you should scroll back and read it anyway :)

To honor the introduction of Creative Interruption® services in Personal Coaching, I present to you a brief evolution of my own personal process.

Not unlike many others, my life changed significantly when my first child was born.  Barring the details of that deep, personal transformation, I’ll stick to the relevant time line.
The highlight features of this particular journey began with parenting assistance, which was just general advice I’d offer, on a metaphorical “soapbox” after having made some unconventional parenting choices.  
The natural progression thereafter looked like this:
I developed an alter ego called “Audacious Mom” wrote articles for relative publications and blogged about unconventional parenting, including home education.   From that, a radio show was born called “Unplugged Mom” wherein I discussed the former, with an added dash sociopolitical pontification.  It was within this chapter of my life that I authored and published a book of the same, rather aggressive nature.  During this time I also dabbled as an unofficial home education consultant and speaker, helping others discover academic achievement outside of conventional school.

Indirectly related, I began teaching a Public Speaking class for local homeschooled children and teenagers.  I didn’t know it at the time, but this seemingly minor page on my calendar of events was actually the foundation of a more positive future, focusing on adding to the lives of others, rather than challenging; and centered on building rather than tearing down.

Not long thereafter I experienced a very personal, but very significant major life change that held a pause button on this facet of my life while I devoted energy to regrouping from the personal upheaval.

Alas, upon recovery from the above, and very closely related to my work as a public speaking instructor as well as my prior sociopolitical advocacy, I had the honor of working as Presentation Consultant for a political candidate, which led to meeting others, networking and working regularly as a Presentation and Communication Consultant for individuals, businesses and organizations.

It was a WONDERFUL addition to my life.  The work suits me, and it is abundantly better for my soul because the nature of my service is that of positive, encouraging, empowerment.   

While the prior endeavors did have a direct influence on this present work, the ironic lesson for me (absolutely infused with the major life incident) is the juxtaposition.  Spending time highlighting all that is wrong with the world, in writing and in speaking, was emotionally draining, mentally exhausting and physically wearing.  When my message and service to others shifted from a place of breaking, to a place of building, everything else personal in my life began to change too.

I began using my experience, education, skill and talent in speaking, communication, teaching and leadership to help others discover and develop their skills to live out their purpose.  It was emotionally charging, mentally stimulating and physically exciting!   How wonderful! 

So in an effort to continue to learn and master my trade, I began exploring personal coaching to add more value to what I offer my clients, and expand my horizons and reach.   Self improvement consulting and personal coaching, I’m so pleased to announce, are now included in what I can offer.

I have been studying method, technique and theory of interpersonal communication as it applies to professional leadership and personal success, and added to that, researched and practice in personal coaching, neuroscience and psychology.   My education so far has included thousands of hours of successful self help models and ideologies; studying courses developed by Tony Robbins, Dr. Madanes, Jim Maxwell, Les Brown and more.

Once I began blending techniques with my education, experience and skills in communication then offering assistance to others, I quickly noticed the increase in value of what I can give.

So allow me to go ahead and make it official!    I am very excited to announce that I am now offering Personal Coaching Services; using a method I am calling Creative Interruption®, to help others better their lives, achieve their goals and find their success!
The system I’ve developed is an infusion of human nature and physiology, neuroscience, spirituality, interpersonal communication, self expression, leadership and education from some of the greatest, contemporary personal development coaches.   I call it Creative Interruption® because when we begin working together, I creatively begin interrupting negative patterns and helping you map your goals, focus, resolve conflict and build your path to success!

It has been absolutely wonderful to work with several dozen beautiful people so far, and I am very excited to extend the invitation to you with an extraordinary offer: 

Everyone who contacts me before August 15th to schedule a one hour session can enjoy a Sixty for Fifty session.  That’s 60 minutes for $50 – a rather incredible offer in the world of consulting – but really, I know that there are so many folks out there who are truly ready to benefit from some positive interruption because they are financially strapped.   I want to help, because it will be an amazing experience for us both, so let’s get the ball rolling! 

Talk Soon,

Laurette Lynn

P.S.  Stay tuned for my new book, coming out in the next few months, titled “It’s All Your Fault”  -the title might sound strange, but you’ll love the surprising positivity it will bring to your life!  J

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