You Are Such a Half Brain? My Stroke Of Insight Book Review

 Left thinks "me" Right feels "we" and a striking balance is the ideal.

During a conversation on another matter, a friend mentioned the book My Stroke Of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor PhD.  He briefly described one particular concept, in relation to our discussion, but I was intrigued so I diverted from the topic at hand to ask more about the book.  I have long been fascinated by brain science; not so much as to study medicine, but enough to be drawn to books and documentaries on the subject.   I'm no 'brain surgeon' but I know a thing or two and it truly is fascinating, how our brain works.  What was compelling about his explanation of this book was that the author IS a brain surgeon, who had experienced a major stroke, and documented her plight as she understood it as a neuro scientist.  How cool!

What?  That doesn't sound cool to you?  I suppose not everyone finds brain science as fun as I do but dry as it may seem - this book was a wonderful, enlightening and interesting read!

The enlightened understanding of left/right brain that Dr. Bolte offers, gives a whole new meaning to the term "cerebral".    The book is meant to offer important support for caretakers of stroke victims.  Thankfully, I don't fit that target audience; but I will state that this is an absolutely worthy read for anyone.  It was enlightening and unexpectedly EMPOWERING! 

I knew it but I didn't know it - of course the brain is the command center for all thoughts and emotions, but I hadn't realized how much of those attributes can absolutely be cognitively controlled.

Sound like a given?  Not really.  How often do we say things like "It's not my fault"  "Life isn't fair"  "I can't control this situation!"  But you see, you really can.  It's a brain thing.  We are very much in our own head and that's okay.  That's how we ground our physical existence as individuals in this lifespan of physical perception experience.

We are all either right or left brain dominant and most of us are left dominant.  We assume that is an instinctive function over which we have no control, but we do.  We are our brain, you see?   You don't see.  It's okay.  Read this book and you will! 

Left thinks "me" Right feels "we".  Striking balance is the ideal. 

Here it is on Amazon

Watch Dr. Bolte in her TED talk

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