Sh*t We Say to Ourselves that Effs us up.

I am such an idiot!  I'm really not, but I've said that to myself.  Have you?

The real question is, do you feel as if you are the driving force in your life, or that life is pulling you along and you're trying to make the best of it?

I'm sure you've heard that we control our own destiny, and that positive thinking is the key to a positive life.  I'm sure you've heard about the Law of Attraction principle and that we attract to our experience, what we focus on.  I'm sure you have your doubts about it.   I do too.

It's not that I don't agree with the principle, it's that I I KNOW that something is missing, and that is the focus on communication.   Yeah yeah, it's all about that with me, right?  Well yes because absolutely everything we experience in our lives is entirely determined by something that someone has communicated at some point.  Everything is set into motion by something that was said, or even insinuated and sometimes even misunderstood.   Everything we know about the world, is so because it has been communicated to us in some way, sometime and we either accepted the information or not and that shaped our ideas. 

Knowing this, thing about how powerful words are.  Think about how powerfully people throughout history have used words to alter the course of human events.   Think about how you were strongly influenced by some set of words, at some time in your life, probably many times.  Maybe you were motivated into action by something someone said, or wrote, or conveyed to you in some way.  Perhaps... you were motivated out of action.   Has anyone ever talked you out of something?  What was it?  Have you ever reflected on it and wondered what would have happened had you ignored them?   What an impact those words had, huh?

Imagine the impact YOUR words have on YOU.  You are You, who can possibly be more influential to you, than you?

Have you ever said:
I can't do that.
I can't afford  it.
My customers can't afford this.
My friends/spouse/kids won't listen to me.
Today sucks.
I hate my life.
I don't know how.
Nobody likes me.
I'm not popular.
I hate this house.
I hate this place.
My life sucks.
I am bad at math.
I don't have time.
If I don't work late, I won't make enough money.
It doesn't matter what I eat, I can't lose weight.
I'm not pretty.
I'm ugly.
I'm not strong enough.
I'm not rich.
I'll never be healthy.

You've said something  like this to yourself haven't you?

Geeze.  No wonder you're in the situation you are in.  You convince yourself that that is where you deserve to be.  Of course if your life is fan-freaking-tastic, well that's because you've worded yourself well too.   It works both ways.   Nothing anyone ever says to us will be more powerful than what we say to ourselves.  The good news is that we are in complete control of that.

Words are powerful and communication is the most powerful force in the universe.   You will believe everything you tell yourself so choose your self-talk wisely.

What is a negative phrase that you tell yourself regularly?   In what way will you alter it now that you realize just how in control of your own life, you actually are?   What will you say differently?
Share it in the comments section, because I love your words too!  :)

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