A simply stated and important message to parents, Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out Of School challenges folks everywhere to rethink the necessity of conventional schooling.  Probing questions explore the concepts of learning and childhood development and offer the suggestion that perhaps a life without school is healthier for children and thus for the world. 

Is learning the real purpose of school?  Does school offer true educational value?  Is there a better way?  How can children learn and grow without school in their lives?  How has the school culture affected society in the last hundred years?  These important questions and more are explored in Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out Of SchoolView Sample


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 I simply want more people to live and learn and enjoy education without school intervention! Thank You  :) ~Laurette Lynn

Praise for Don't Do Drugs Stay Out Of School
“As with so many aspects of life today, the powers-that-be are "fixing" the education of our children from every possible wrong angle, scattering sugar pills when major surgery is required...continue
Linda Dobson  Author of The First Year of Homeschooling Your Child, Homeschooling: The Early Years, and many others; Parent at the creator

“Passionately written, powerfully argued and sensitively presented, “Don’t Do Drugs Stay OUT OF School” is more than a wake-up call - it is a trumpet in the ear of any parent looking for alternatives to the existing stultification of formal education...continue
Stefan Molyneux Host of Freedomain Radio

"Laurette Lynn’s Don’t Do Drugs, Stay Out of School is an elegant, powerful statement of the unschooling and trustful parenting philosophy....continue
Peter Gray, Research PhD, Author of Free to Learn
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--Laurette Lynn Author, Liberty Advocate and Epic Mom
"Dear Friend, It is wonderful that you are ready to skip school in favor of natural learning.  It is my hope that the simple stated information herein will help bolster confidence in your decision and help get you started in family based-education and life experience.  Thank you for looking and enjoy learning and living in liberty!"

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  1. For any parent uneasy about putting their children in the current schooling system. Laurette Lynn's “Don't Do Drugs, Stay Out Of School” is a must read. It lays out what is wrong with the current system, debunks the common concerns voiced about home educating and encourages readers that, Yes, anyone can do home education.

  2. If nothing else, this book will at least get folks especially parents of young children to pause and think it through before automatically putting their kids through the public school system. This book is definitely a very good primer for explaining what is inherently wrong with our current system. We are definitely living in a time when homeschooling is becoming a better and better option. I'm also starting to see many other type of alternatives starting to pop up more and more. I would highly recommend this book to any parent. It is yet another good case for changing the paradigm of education. Kudos Laurette!

  3. The book was very interesting and was very much in line with my own experiences from the school system (although I went to public school in Sweden). There were pieces of the book that seemed a little too anti-capitalist and even conspiratorial in places but overall I recommend reading this book to anyone interested in alternative educational forms.

  4. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS BOOK. Couldn't read it fast enough to give to my daughter who is doing a fantastic job raising my 17-month grandson. Despite my own horrific mothering based on judeo-christian values - complete with spankings due to biblical demands that my kids should "obey" me, my daughter has so far managed to break the cycle of violence and loves her child in an ultra-respectful way. I hope she will delve into Laurette's teachings to further her wonderful mothering. If more moms adopted Laurette's teachings, we might begin to exponentially unleash our human potential for peace, love, and prosperity - not just in America, but WORLDWIDE! Great job, Laurette, and great interview with Stefan (the first one - cause I haven't seen the others.)

  5. An Informed Decision, ‘forewarned is forearmed’

    Don’t Do Drugs, Stay Out of School, should be read by every parent considering schooling, of any kind, for their children.

    Author, Laurette Lynn, presents her case for home education in a concise, compelling, informative and impactful manner.

    If you already are a home educator this book will mightily reinforce your decision.

    If you have had even the slightest inkling or a flickering thought of home educating this book will give you cause to deeply ponder and consider doing so.

    If you have decided to have your children educated by the government school system you must read this book and make your informed decision. Once you know what is in store for your child you cannot unknow. ‘Forewarned is forearmed.’

    This fact packed, easy and quick to read book filets the educational system leaving nothing hidden. It empowers parents to become confident in their ability to teach and educate their children.

    This book and the author’s personal journey into the realm of homeschooling offer hope for the children, which translates into hope for the future. The children are our future. Thank you Laurette Lynn!

    E.H. McLellan, author, "Gimpy's's what's missing," co-founder,

  6. A mutual inspiration, my friend, I do concur. Laurette, I couldn't have said it better myself. This book is an EPIC one. An eye-opening, impressively great piece of work. Best words put on paper regarding home education EVER. Real life is what it's all about & everyone should know it. People should read this, home educating or not. Our children deserve SO MUCH MORE than society claims. I wish I had millions of copies to give to everyone & anyone I meet. Thank you for putting it in black & white, literally.

  7. Why, in our culture today, is it acceptable and normal for parents to unquestioningly enroll their children in a school at a certain age? Laurette Lynn challenges status-quo thinking by encouraging readers to back up, consider all options with regard to education, and then proceed in a manner that is most natural and beneficial for their children. Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out of School presents the historical context for our culture’s modern-day school model, promotes the idea that parents reject group-thinking and embrace their individuality, and then encourages parents to act in the best interest of their own children. It’s an intellectual "shot in the arm" for anyone considering educating their children independent of the state apparatus.

  8. If one stops to consider the tremendous advances mankind has made in the areas of communications and transportation, it is easy to assume that we are limited only by our imaginations. This, however, is not the case; we are truly only limited by those who rule over us.

    My interest in social and political thought centers on if we have a need to be ruled. While we advance in some areas, technology is a good example, government over the last 500 years has not advanced in any way, and I would even suggest it has regressed.

    The process of moving away from a society where we are ruled by an elite few must start now. That process must start with the education of our children. How can we trust the education of our children to people who cannot balance a check book? In her book “Don’t Do Drugs Stay Out of School”, Laurette Lynn has provided us with a clear and concise method in which to achieve this result.

    The methodologies are articulate, and will be easily implemented by those who accept and understand the value.

    The significance of this book is compounded by the fact that the same approach could be used to liberate ourselves from many of the other, out of date, no longer useful, government institutions.

    Well done Laurette!

  9. I strongly recommend it for anyone with a sincere interest in parenting and education. It is so easy to let yourself and your children slip-stream into the mechanics of modern society without questioning the history, purpose and end results of it's institutions. Don't Do Drugs and Stay Out of School is a well-written and quick read.

    Really nice work Laurette! Thank you. I wish I had read this book 15 years ago!


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