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  1. I just watched your interview with +Stefan Molyneux and I LOVE the questions you ask and WHY you are asking these questions. I believe a solution is Nonviolent Communication, which yes, applies to parenting as well as any kind of relationship. Here is a site I created for the purpose of spreading knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). One of the things I'm working on is making short & fun animations showing people using NVC to solve conflicts. You (and probably your daughter) might just love some of the animations. Either way, thank you for caring!

  2. Same I really love hearing you speak together, I put this short one up as a tribute:

    like above fan I am also a fan of NVC I find it really useful

  3. It'd be really wonderful if someday someone did a video on just how "well" (or unwell, rather) countless young people are doing socially, and mentally, after living through that inhumane and unnatural system called public school. If it's working so well, and it's so wonderful, why the skyrocketing suicide and depression rates among "well socialized" teens? And why the insatiable need to escape life into a virtual life on the computer? Or to never be without one's tablet phone for longer than 30 seconds, so that they won't find themselves unable to tweet about what they ate... while they're totally incapable of having a meaningful conversation with the people texting on their phones just across the table.

    The reality is not just that the public school system is broken, or never worked to begin with. The problem is that public school today is not only "schooling" the creativity, potential and passion out of the next generations, but it's also schooling them right into a super-depressed death culture... where life is not only so bad you can't wait for the next paycheck or vacation, but where life is deemed so bad that some of the widely-recognized cures for it that the ex-inmates see, are drugs, alcohol and worse... self-harm. This is the honest picture of public school that nobody has yet publicized. To say nothing of the countless people who come out of public schools so completely socially and mentally dysfunctional that the only way they can cope with tomorrow is by signing up for a lifetime of college courses. (Which also makes their parents oddly proud, and gets everyone off their backs so they can go on with their thoroughly institutionalized and unhealthy lives, because in truth they can't handle real life, because they've never known it.)

    I personally would love for the public to reach such a degree of honesty about this issue, that they open their eyes and see the absolute disaster of a life countless ex-public-schoolers are left with... as well as how many people will spend the rest of their lives just trying to recover from their "socialization" there. I would argue that the members of society, 30 years old and younger, have never in any other age of human history been so depressed, so dysfunctional, so full of anger and stress, so self-destructive, so tragically isolated and completely unable to cope with or live their everyday lives than we are today.

    Of course, that's the picture of the next generations the parents don't see. It is the REAL LIFE that public school students are living in and after their life in schools, usually on the internet or behind their parents' backs, that the parents either aren't aware of, or simply don't want to see or acknowledge. It is a life unliveable, but one, unfortunately, that few ex-students ever find the way out of. There is hope for them to recover and find a healthy, happy, normal life (the REAL normal)... but who is going to show them where that is, after they've been programmed for 12+ years to accept that life really is just that hellish?

  4. Excellent input Anonymous. Perhaps we can embark on such a project. This sort of expose is certainly necessary.

  5. You are a thoughtless person endangering women.
    You took private posts with full names and posted it on a public web page. Some women in that group are victims of domestic violence and you broadcast their whereabouts without thought or consideration.

    1. Anonymous,

      Facebook is not private. If the person who sent it to me had access to the group where the original posts were made, and was able to take a snapshot, clearly it is not private. The internet is not private, this is an important fact that it behooves all of us to learn.

      Thanks for your feedback.


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